Eclectic Personality

With everything that has happened over the past week, I’ve found myself realising that I am minimal with my objects, however my personality is far from minimal. Trying to get out of my comfort zone, talk to new people, distract myself, has taught me this. I am one to adapt to people, I have so many interests in hobbies, in music, in fashion, in goals. Even just how I portray changes daily. Is this because I don’t know who I am? I don’t think so, I think it’s just because I like to keep things interesting.

Can you be minimal in possessions but not minimal in personality?

Youthful Minimalist ♡


Here Come More Changes

Afternoon minimals,

Some bad news. I had a horrible, terrible and upsetting day yesterday. Firstly, I was in a super minor car accident, it was my first accident. However, we’re all safe. Followed by this, I was broken up with by my boyfriend of 12 months, he was the first boyfriend I had lived with. I’m going to channel these emotions into writing, starting a ‘365 Days of Single’ blog, I have no idea if I will ever post it.

I have no idea how it will go, or if I’ll start blogging again. Last break up I had, it turned me to minimalism, I’m hoping this break up teaches me to learn who I am before I ever let myself be so open like that to someone again.

Thanks for reading,
Youthful Minimalist ♡

I Wish I Could Minimalise My Thoughts

Morning minimals,

I feel myself this morning doubting why I ever started this blog in the first place, more so, why I got back into it. I don’t find myself particularly interesting. I started the blog just as minimalism was becoming popular, so it was perfect timing. Now, there’s books, blogs and vlogs that surround the topic, so what’s going to make people read my blog?

I wish I could minimalise feelings of doubt, jealousy, disappointment and sometimes even hopefulness. I always jump straight in with this big bold ideas dreams. I had thoughts of becoming the next entrepreneur in the Australian tax system. I had thoughts of becoming a successful minimalist blogger at my young (ambitious) age.

Do you sometimes wish you could minimalise your thoughts? I feel like my brain is always ticking away, I can hear the cogs turning. Why can I not be content with what I do, I want more to do, how opposite to minimal could that be?

Youthful Minimalist ♡

Our Home ♡

Morning minimals,

Here it is, welcome to our home! It is only temporary and it’s no where near complete, however this is how much we have in terms of space and what we own. We live in a granny flat that is to the side of my parent’s house. We have an outdoor lounge room, out door kitchen and outdoor dining room.

An overview of the outdoor space. 

The bedroom space.


The bathroom.

  It was quite difficult to get a picture of the bathroom, its a very odd shaped room to photograph.

My study/office, makeup desk, our storage and clothing area. 

 Behind where I was standing is an inbuilt closet and a dresser to the side, this is where we store all our clothing.

I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts on how we could improve our space. Its not ‘decorated’ yet, its very practical.

Let me know in the comments if you want to see anything in more detail! Feel free to ask any questions, happy to help.

Youthful Minimalist ♡

Costume Parties and Minimalism Do Not Get Along

Afternoon minimals,

We had a little long weekend fun last night! I’ve come to the conclusion, that if you’re minimalist or striving for less clutter, you don’t do costumes. You keep the things you love, need, cherish, not the ones you wear for one night and cringe seeing photos over. Especially 80’s fashion, to me I see no reason why people would keep aerobics gear! However with a quick look over our wardrobe, we both found costumes. We were Boy George and Tommy Lee for the night!

Jordon my boyfriend, (a.k.a Tommy Lee) is on the right.

Me, on the left as Boy George, I didn’t get any other photos!

 Have a wonderful day,
Youthful Minimalist ♡

P.S. Granny flat tour to be posted soon! Keep an eye out for it.

Minimalism: My Reflection

Afternoon my minimals,

It’s a Saturday afternoon, around 1 PM. We’ve cleaned most, if not all, of the granny flat within a few hours. It is such a rewarding feeling to know we achieved all of that as a team, although, I could do without the aching feet. Now that I’m sitting here, in a clean and calm space, it got me thinking about where I was, and who I was before cutting the clutter. Before getting my teeth fixed, I had quite a disposable income, although I wanted to save money, I didn’t bother to save. When I moved back home, I realised that I couldn’t continue to want things. That’s all they were, they were things, not identifiable or meaningful objects. So here’s a list of mental changes I have gone through, within the last year:

  1. I don’t go clothes shopping anymore. The last pieces of clothing I bought were from the op-shop, two weekends ago. I bought one casual outfit, it was our anniversary and I wanted something different.I also bought one dress for work. When I got home, I donated around six items to the op-shop.
  2. I’m tidier. I was a huge pig, I use to have dirty laundry piled around the place, old cups, mountains of rubbish and I was constantly losing things. Now, I’m the complete opposite. This may be due to my boyfriend now living with me, as he is very tidy. However, I think part is also do to having a smaller amount of items. I know where each of these items belong, nothing is crammed or shoved.
  3. I’m productive. I get a lot done. I think that’s why I manage so much. I have a clean and tidy space, which leaves me to have a clear thought process when trying to complete jobs for my business or trying to write essays for University. It’s much harder to procrastinate when you don’t have stuff physically in front of you.

If you want pictures of our granny flat, please leave a comment below and I’ll include these in the next blog post.

Much love,
Youthful Minimalist ♡